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Available Shows
Show Name:Date Of ShowCurrencyOnline Entries ClosePostal Entries CloseOnline EntryScheduleEntry FormShow Info
Bulldog All Breed Open Show10 Jan 2015EUR03 Jan 201522 Dec 2014ScheduleEntry Form
Shih Tzu Limited Show10 Jan 2015EUR05 Jan 201505 Jan 2015ScheduleEntry Form
Airedale Terrier Limited Show18 Jan 2015EUR12 Jan 201512 Jan 2015ScheduleEntry Form
All Terrier Limited Show14 Feb 2015EUR07 Feb 201530 Jan 2015ScheduleEntry Form
Celtic Winners All Breed Ch Show14 Mar 2015EUR16 Feb 201509 Feb 2015ScheduleEntry Form
Dane of the Year 201429 Nov 2014EUR26 Nov 201419 Nov 2014ScheduleEntry Form
Combined Canine All Breed Open07 Dec 2014EUR26 Nov 201418 Nov 2014ScheduleEntry FormShow Information
Coleraine All Breed Open19 Dec 2014EUR07 Dec 201429 Nov 2014ScheduleEntry Form